How to Become a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant

If you’re aiming to become a flight attendant, then you might want to try becoming a part of Philippine Airlines. This airline is the Philippines’ flag carrier. Being a Philippine Airlines flight attendant can provide you with free tickets and great travel perks. You’ll also get to enjoy discounted flights for your family and yourself. This guide will teach you how to become a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines.

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Philippine Airlines, and its subsidiary, Philippine Airlines Express, are known as PAL. However, PAL Express is the regional brand of the airline, and it competes against Cebu Pacific. Since it’s a national carrier, and it flies to 71 destinations around the world, you might want to apply for a flight attendant position with Philippine Airlines. They’re known for their “magaling, maaasahan, malambing, and maaalaga” qualities. Read further to learn more.

How to Become a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant
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Why Work as a Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant is a great job. It’s interesting, pays well, and can be very rewarding. You’ll get to travel around the world, meet new people every day, learn tons of new things about yourself and others (especially if they’re from other cultures), and get paid for this privilege!

You’ll also have access to top-notch training programs that will help you excel in your position. The only downside is that it’s a physically demanding job, so you’ll have to be in excellent shape. If you’re up for the challenge, this could be the perfect job for you!

Due to the high demand for flight attendants, the competition is strong. Those with a higher level of education and experience are more likely to win. However, don’t be afraid, there are still other options for those who don’t have these skills. For instance, low-cost airlines and regional airlines can provide an opportunity for those who want to try their hand at flight.

There are also various opportunities for flight attendants who want to work for private companies that use their own aircraft. These companies can provide you with a variety of opportunities, such as hotels, real estate, and transport.

There are many responsibilities that a flight attendant must perform. Aside from ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers on the duration of their flight, they also have to provide them with excellent quality customer service.

For example, you should be able to verify airline tickets and serve them meals. You should also be able to give an excellent quality of customer service. You should be able to demonstrate proper use of emergency equipment and announce information to passengers. Aside from these, you must also be able to answer any inquiries by the passengers.

If a flight attendant has a good record, they might be promoted to a higher-level position within the organization. This could include becoming a supervisor or transferring from a senior flight attendant to a flight attendant supervisor. After that, they might additionally be promoted to a manager or vice president of in-flight operations. Aside from being a supervisor, the duties of a flight attendant include instructing and recruiting.

If a flight attendant doesn’t want to travel all the time, they might be transferred to another position within the organization. Some of these include human resources personnel, administrative assistants, and risk management specialists.

Besides being able to earn a liveable wage, a flight attendant job also provides a variety of career advancement opportunities. It can be very hard to get into this profession due to the amount of work involved, but it is a rewarding and challenging job that you will not regret.

Why Work with Philippine Airlines

How to Become a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant
Credits: Fly PAL / Instagram

Philippine Airlines is known as one of the best airlines in the world. They have a reputation for treating their employees well, providing them with excellent training programs, and rewarding them for their hard work. They’re also known for having a very friendly working culture where everyone supports each other’s efforts. If you want to work at an airline that cares about its people, this might be the right fit for you!

As a Philippine Airlines flight attendant, you’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that each flight is run smoothly and safely, from take-off to landing. You’ll need to be able to communicate clearly with passengers and crew members alike, even in stressful situations.

You’ll also need to be able to work quickly and efficiently in order to ensure that the plane is ready for take-off on time. It’s a challenging job, but it’s also very rewarding! If you’re interested in working for Philippine Airlines, keep reading for more information about their benefits and career opportunities.

Requirements to Become a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant

According to the DOLE, you have to be at least a high school graduate to be considered for a flight attendant job. Some airlines also require that applicants have a college degree. However, those who have taken flight attendant training courses are more likely to be successful than those with less education.

There are many fields that are highly sought after in flight attendant training. Some of these include psychology, hospitality, and education.

If you’re planning on becoming a flight attendant for an international airline, then you have to study other languages in order to be considered for the job. Besides being able to speak several foreign languages, the airlines also prefer candidates with a business administration degree.

To be a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant, you must be a Filipino citizen with a height of at least 5’3 for women and 5’6 for men whose weight must be proportionate to their height. You must also be at least 18 years old, have graduated from college and speak fluent English and Filipino.

Here are the other requirements for those interested in becoming a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines or PAL Express. You should have a clear complexion and a good set of teeth. You’ll also need to be physically fit and have a high level of personal appearance and grooming. Also, it’s important to be empathetic with a pleasing personality. Note that you cannot have any visible tattoos when wearing the uniform.

Note: These requirements must be taken very strictly because they are needed to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. However, if you meet all requirements for being a flight attendant, then you should be able to get a job with Philippine Airlines or PAL Express.

Where to Look for Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs

The official website of Philippine Airlines is You can learn more about the company’s various career opportunities by clicking the “Find Your Next Job” button.

You can also email your resume and cover letter to Philippine Airlines Express. As for PAL Express, the company has no website, so you can send both of these documents together by email at

You can also apply for a job at Philippine Airlines by walking in to the company’s head office.

The company holds open-day hiring events every month. You can get updates about these events through its website.

How to Apply for Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs

STEP 1: Update your resume and apply for a position with the company. Follow the instructions below and make sure that your contact details are active.

STEP 2: Ask them to give you a schedule for the screening and interview. Usually, they will reply with a schedule for both events.

STEP 3: Go to the venue. It’s preferable if you do the following:

  • Bring an Updated Resume
  • 2 Passport-sized photos with business attire
  • Passport Copy
  • Diploma copy or Transcript of Records
  • Wear Business attire
  • For women, sleeveless collared, below-the-knee skirt, no stockings, blazers are optional
  • For men, short-sleeve polo and pants, blazers are optional

STEP 4: The initial medical examination is a quick and painless process that can last up to five minutes. It will check your height, weight, and eye vision. They also do a color blindness test.

STEP 5: The next step is an Impact Interview, where you will be asked to focus on your interviewer while in a group. After that, you’ll be asked to walk, smile, and check your skin. In order to be remembered, you’ll need to give your best. An executive panel will then interview you. After that, you will be taken to the next step.

STEP 6: You will then be given an Integrity Test, which will be given in a day or two. Passing this test will allow you to move on to the next step.

STEP 7: After you have been interviewed for the position, you will be asked to attend an executive panel interview, where the company’s president will be present. This is a physical check to help them identify you as a flight attendant.

STEP 8: The Philippine Airlines pilot certification training will last about 1-4 months. You will have to do your best to pass during the course, and you might be asked to leave if you fail. There are also multiple graded tests.

STEP 9: You will undergo a supervised line experience after completing your training. During this time, you will be able to observe the crew and act as a cabin crew member. You will also be asked questions about what you have learned.

STEP 10: You can start as a Flight attendant if you pass all the steps. After all, you have already become an official Flight attendant of Philippine Airlines. Congratulations!

Salary and Benefits of Philippine Airlines Flight Attendants

Ever wondered how flight attendants of Philippine Airlines can live the good life? Well, they have a good salary and a great benefits package. Besides being able to live the good life, they also get to stay in 5-star hotels around the world. Here is a breakdown of their Salary, Benefits, and Perks.


The average salary of a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant is PHP 18,000 – 20,000 per month. For domestic flights, the productivity pay is usually around PHP 300 to 350 per hour, while for international flights, it’s around PHP 400-450. Flight attendants can have a flying time of up to 90 hours per month, with a limit of 100 hours per month. For instance, if a flight attendant has a flying time of 60 to 90 hours per month, they can earn around PHP 300 to 350 per hour; that would be (35 * 300 + 35 * 400 = 24500).

This may vary depending on the years of experience and the position you are applying for. The benefits include medical and dental coverage, life insurance, travel allowances, annual leave, and sick leave benefits.

Allowances or Bonuses

Transportation Allowance – The Philippine Airlines offers a transportation allowance which ranges from PHP 2,000 to PHP 3,500 per month. The amount of money you receive depends on your position and the number of hours you work per month. For instance, if you are a flight attendant with a flying time of 60 to 90 hours per month, you will receive PHP 3,500 as your transportation allowance. However, if you are a domestic flight attendant with a flying time of less than 60 hours per month, you can get a PHP 2,000 transportation allowance.

Flight Allowance – Layover per Diem or Turnover per Diem: The Philippine Airlines offers you a layover per diem or turnover per diem. This allowance is also known as the flight allowance. It is given to pilots and cabin crew members who are on duty but not flying, such as during their rest days. The amount of money that you receive depends on your position and the number of hours spent on duty but not flying per month.

Rice Allowance – This is another benefit of working as a Philippine Airline flight attendant, wherein you can get a rice allowance. This is given to you as part of your monthly salary and is used for your food expenses. You will receive a certain amount every month, depending on where you are based and how long you have been working for PAL.

Thermal Allowance and Shoe Allowance -These are two other benefits that you can receive as a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines. The shoe allowance is given to you every year, while the thermal allowance will be given to you every five years or so.

13th month – Another benefit that PAL flight attendants receive is the 13th month pay. This is given to you every year and will be added to your salary, depending on how long you have been working for PAL.

Christmas Bonus – Another great benefit that Philippine Airlines provides its flight attendants is the Christmas bonus. This is given to you every year and can be used as additional spending money or saved for a rainy day.

Paid Annual Leaves – The company also provides its employees with paid annual leaves. These can be used for any reason, but are usually taken during Christmas or other holidays when you have no work to do anyway.

Other Benefits

  • Retirement Benefit Program – PAL also provides its employees with a retirement benefit program. This is important because it will help you save money for retirement, which can be difficult if you have other financial obligations.
  • Medical Plan – As part of PAL’s benefits package, you also will be eligible for a medical plan. This will help you avoid paying high medical expenses out of pocket and ensure that you get the care you need should anything happen to you or your family.
  • Life Insurance – Flying regularly also has its risks. That’s why the company offers this added benefit, which provides peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you, your family will have access to financial assistance during their time of need.

Travel Benefits

  • For Layovers – can travel where you have a layover; however, you can’t go too far
  • Discounted Tickets – from 100%-50% discount for employees and immediate family members
  • Buddy Pass – 1 per employee, which entitles 100% discount to a non-family member and only pay the tax

Tip on How to Land a Flight Attendant Job

Getting a flight attendant job can be very challenging if you’re new to the industry. There are a variety of tricks and tips that will help you land the job that you’re looking for.

  1. One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to getting a job is networking. This is because it will allow you to build strong relationships with other individuals in the industry.
  2. One of the easiest ways to find out about upcoming job opportunities is by visiting the websites of various airlines. This will allow you to build strong relationships with other individuals in the industry.
  3. Before you start applying for a job in the airline industry, it’s important that you have a good understanding of what it’s like working there. This will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a place to work.
  4. Getting a job in the airline industry early on is very important, and you should apply for multiple positions at different companies. This will allow you to gain valuable experience and help you land other jobs in the future.
  5. Before you apply for a job, make sure that you thoroughly study the training programs that the airline has available. This will give you an idea what to expect when you start working there. This will allow you to make an informed decision and avoid surprises later on.

Video: Insights and Tips by PAL Crew Members for Applicants

Interested to learn how to become a PAL crew member? Then watch this video with insights and tips from the airline’s current employees. They will tell you what to expect when applying for a job, the application process and much more.

It’s not easy to become a PAL crew member. It takes time, patience, and hard work. But if you want to pursue a career in aviation and travel the world, this could be the opportunity for you!

Just make sure to consider all the tips and insights of those who’ve been here before you! This way, you can avoid mistakes they made and make your application process as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements needed to be a Flight Attendant at Philippine Airlines?

We’ve listed all of the requirements in the previous sections. If you’re still unsure whether or not you qualify, contact PAL and ask for more information about their requirements.

  1. What if I am below the required height? Can I pass?

The height requirement is one of the most important parameters for being a flight attendant. However, if you’re below the required height, there’s still hope! PAL provides a way for you to qualify and become a Flight Attendant even if you’re below the height requirement. If you are engaging enough with a bubbly personality and have a positive attitude, you can still become a flight attendant.

  1. What if I have pimples, moles, scars, or freckles?

The requirements for becoming a flight attendant are very strict and many people wonder if they qualify. Before you submit your application, make sure that you meet all the requirements stated in the PAL website. If you have pimples, moles, scars, or freckles on your face, don’t worry! You can still become a flight attendant as long as they aren’t too obvious when seen in person.

Many suggest you do the interview for acne when your skin is clear. As long as it can be covered by make-up, this will also work for other types of blemishes.

  1. What do I do if I have braces?

If you have braces, don’t worry! You are still qualified to become a flight attendant. However, the company may require that you remove the braces before your first day of work.

  1. Do I need to graduate from college? What course should I take?

Yes, working as a flight attendant is a career, and you will need some education. You can take many courses that will qualify you as a flight attendant. The most common is an aviation degree; however, many colleges offer degrees in tourism and hospitality management which may also work.

  1. Where can I apply?

PAL accepts applications for the program on a rolling basis, and you can also apply in person at its office.

That being said, make sure to apply early, as the company only accepts a limited number of applicants each year.

  1. Can I speak Filipino during the interview?

If the interviewer asks you in English, you can answer in English. If the interviewer asks you in Filipino, feel free to answer in the same language. Speaking fluently in English can be advantageous but is not required.

  1. How about the training? What do I need to learn?

General Airline Information, Survival Swimming, Safety Equipment and First Aid are a few subjects covered during training. These are all foundational to you becoming a professional flight attendant. You should be aware that training will take place in Manila or Cebu, Philippines and will require you to relocate there for approximately four months.

  1. Are exams during training important?

Yes, they are. PAL has high expectations for its flight attendants, and your performance during training will be closely monitored. If you don’t pass the exams, you won’t be allowed to become a PAL Airline Stewardess or Flight Attendant.

  1. Do I get to experience being a cabin crew?

Yes, you will get a Supervised Line Experience and Line Check after your training. This involves you wearing the uniform and performing some of the tasks you will be required to do when you are working as a flight attendant. You will also have a chance to practice being on board an aircraft to experience how it feels to travel by air.

  1. How do I know that I am already one?

After successfully completing your training, the SLE and Line check, you will be able to graduate. You can now become a certified flight attendant! Get ready to enjoy the perks of being a cabin crew. You can travel the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures. In addition to this, you will get to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with good pay and benefits.

  1. How much is the salary of a Flight Attendant in Philippine Airlines?

Let’s assume that your basic pay is PHP 18,000 and you have around 70 flight hours for the month. This means that your take-home pay will be around PHP 42,500. Aside from regular deductions, such as taxes and premiums, your take-home pay will also include other allowances.

Final Thoughts

As a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant, you’ll get to experience the best of what the airline has to offer. You’ll get to travel around the world and see new places, while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. In addition to this, you’ll have a chance to make friends with people from different cultures.

Despite this, you need to understand that it’s not all glitz and glamour flying for the airline. There are times when you’ll have to work long hours and face challenging situations. However, if you’re up for this challenge, then you shouldn’t hesitate to apply as a Philippine Airlines Flight Attendant!

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