12 Positive Filipino Traits and Values

The Philippines is known for its amazing sights, delicious food, colorful history, and unique culture. But at the heart of it all is the Filipinos themselves — a group of people who are recognized globally for their skills, talents, creativity, and positive attitude.

What makes Filipinos unique? Is it their cheery disposition, welcoming smiles, respectful attitude, or all of the above? In this article, we will take a closer look at the positive traits and values that characterize the Filipino people, no matter where they may be in the world.

positive filipino traits values

List of Positive Pinoy Traits and Values

What are Filipinos best known for? Here is a list of positive traits and values that we can attribute to Pinoys:

1. Hospitality

Hands down, this is perhaps the Filipinos’ most recognizable trait. The moment you enter a Pinoy’s home, you can expect to be treated as if you are part of the family! They will go out of their way to provide you with food, comfortable accommodations, and generally make sure that you have an enjoyable stay.

2. Creativity

The list of popular Filipino singers, dancers, painters, animators, fashion designers, and other artists is definitely a long one! With a passion for videoke, for example, it’s really not surprising that many Filipinos become world-famous singers!

Here’s another example: If you go to the town of Paete in Laguna province — you will find that there are many homegrown artists with immense talents in drawing, painting, and sculpting. The town is popular for its wood works and handicrafts, an industry that requires “artistic” skills.

These are just a few examples of the vast talent and creativity that most Filipinos have, no matter what industry they are in.

positive filipino traits values

3. Helpfulness

Filipinos are helpful by nature. When you travel to a new place, for example, the people are bound to help if you ask for directions. When you need assistance in carrying your things, or perhaps you need local information, you can expect that Pinoys will come to your aid.

4. Good Work Ethics

When it comes to work, Filipinos are diligent and tend to go the extra mile, wherever they may be. This could be the reason why most employers, including those overseas, prefer to hire Filipinos. They are hardworking and like to give their best in the workplace.

positive filipino traits values

5. Adaptability

Perhaps another reason why there are so many OFWs around the world is because of their adaptability. Indeed, wherever you go — be it in Europe, Asia, North or South America — you are likely to encounter a fellow Pinoy somewhere. Many have adapted well to their place of work, and some have even learned the local language. Indeed, Filipinos are known to be flexible, which is definitely a great trait to have!

6. Respect for Elders

Until today, many Filipinos practice “pagmamano,” where a young person takes an elder’s hand and places it on his or her forehead as a sign of respect, and also as a way to ask for their blessing. You will also hear young people say “po” and “opo” — language markers that signify politeness and respect.

Meanwhile, “homes for the aged” are not so common in the Philippines. Most grandmothers and grandfathers usually stay with their immediate families. This way, they get to enjoy their senior years with their children and grandchildren.

positive filipino traits values

7. Honesty

Perhaps you have heard stories about Filipinos returning money or cellphones that they found somewhere, as well as taxi drivers returning bags and wallets left behind by passengers? Generally, Filipinos are an honest lot, which makes them great friends and co-workers, too!

8. Strong Family Ties

There’s no doubt about it, Filipinos are some of the most family-oriented people in the world. It’s common to see families living together in one house (or one compound) — with grandparents, aunts, and uncles, etc. In fact, most cousins grow up together, treating each other almost like siblings! During special occasions, many Filipinos gather for family reunions and get-togethers.

positive filipino traits values

9. Community-Centered

Whether based in the Philippines or abroad, Filipinos are community-centered. They like to gather for birthdays, christenings, graduation, and other special occasions. In many places, Pinoys like to have “potluck dinners,” where everyone brings food to share. In case there is extra food, it’s also common for guests to bring home “leftovers” from the party, hence the popularity of the term “balot” (take out)!

10. Unity

When you read about Filipino history, traditions, and culture, you might encounter a picture of a group of people carrying a “bahay kubo” (small hut) on their backs. This is the classic example of “bayanihan,” a symbol of Filipino unity and cooperation.

These days, the bayanihan spirit is still very much alive, both in the Philippines and abroad. When a Filipino needs help, his/her kababayans will come together and offer support. No matter a person’s background or beliefs, a fellow Filipino will not hesitate to lend a hand, especially to those who need help the most.

positive filipino traits values

11. Cheerfulness and Optimism

If you are abroad, and you happen to encounter a group of Asians who are talking, laughing, and clearly having fun — most likely they are your fellow kababayans.

We can’t help it! Filipinos are a cheerful lot. We know how to smile, laugh, and look at the bright side, no matter how difficult a situation may be. Have you ever watched news reports of super typhoons that hit the Philippines? Even in the middle of a flood, you are likely to see Filipinos smiling as you take their picture.

Brownout? Earthquake? No biggie. Filipinos will still be able to crack a joke, to grin and bear even the most difficult situations — with sunny smiles and sheer optimism!

12. Faith

And last, but certainly not the least, Filipinos are known for their strong faith in God. Majority of the people are Catholic, though there are those who practice Christianity, Islam, and other religions, as well.

Regardless of their specific beliefs, most Filipinos are devoted to prayer, attending church, and participating in activities related to their faith. Indeed, we can attribute the Filipinos’ strength and resilience to their strong faith in God.

positive filipino traits values

Filipinos are generally known for the above traits, wherever they may be in the world. Whether you are based in the Philippines, or you are an OFW living and working in another country, you should be proud of having these traits, which make us unique among all others.

Speaking of unique, Filipinos are also known for celebrating the Christmas season as soon as the “ber” months start! Check out this next article to learn more about how OFWs celebrate Christmas abroad.

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