8 Irresistible Reasons to Watch the 2022 Adaptation of Darna

Ding, ang Bato!” If you are familiar with that iconic line, then fret not, for the newest version of Darna is now available to watch via iWant TFC or TFC. Perhaps you’re looking for a series to cure your Marvel Cinematic Universe hangover or DC comics binge-reading? Then let the modern adaptation of Darna satisfy your superhero thirst. As the adage says, love locally! 

The new ABS-CBN 2022 Darna teleserye has been trending online, and the huge hype around it seems to be for a good reason! If you’re unfamiliar with Mars Ravelo’s famous superhero character, here are exceptional reasons to watch Darna!

1. Jane De Leon and the whole cast are phenomenal

Many people have doubted Jane De Leon’s ability to portray the iconic Filipina superhero. Being the main character or leading lady in a teleserye, especially Darna, is a huge shoe to fill in after the many veteran actresses who have played the role like Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera. 


However, when you watch the teleserye, you’ll have to agree with the madlang people or netizens on their praise of Jane De Leon’s acting prowess and how the production company made the right choice in choosing her. You’ll also love other characters in the teleserye from Iza Calzado to Janella Salvador! It’s no doubt Jane’s time to shine, just like how they would say lipad, Darna! She will continue to soar and uplift many Filipinos watching the show.


2. It has a fresh and modern concept

Regardless if you’re a true blue fan of Darna or a millennial looking forward to the fresh take on this classic superhero. Then you’ll love the modern concept of Darna since it adds to current real-life scenarios like Janella Salvador, who is living the triple life of being Valentina, a vlogger, and a lawyer. 

Vlogging is common nowadays, and so is the call-out culture that Valentina is doing in the teleserye. You’ll also see that the once handicapped Narda is a strong, opinionated woman who works as an emergency medical technician, a far cry from the medical student she was once in the 2005 version. At the same time, Ding is a gamer but highly knowledgeable in gadgets and technologies, which many youngsters can relate to today.

The updates to the storylines and character development are highly relatable and much more enticing to watch for the younger generation that will surely love Darna. The remake is also a great introduction to Filipino comics and Mars Ravelo’s characters to the Gen Zs who are not familiar.


3. It’s fun to watch and addictive

If you’re addicted to watching fantasy series like Stranger Things or any movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you’ll appreciate Darna since it has fantasy elements that you’ll pick up when watching it.

When you need to unwind after a long hard day at work or beat homesickness, watching Darna will make you laugh and cry. You’ll also relate to the scenes from the show from the part Narda is doing live selling to provide for her family, and you’ll think about all those funny TikToks or entertaining live selling you see online!


4. It addressed taboo topics like mental health stigmas and societal issues


In one scene where Narda meets Regina for the first time, she attempts to save Regina from committing suicide, but in reality, she isn’t. It’s a great scene for those who are suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and more. Mental health issues are common among OFWs who are often away and feeling homesick.

 The teleserye is great in starting a conversation about this topic and letting people know that they are not alone and someone is willing to help them. Darna also brilliantly tackles societal issues that are happening in the Philippines, from corruption to job hunting rejections which most OFWs can relate to since why most of them work in other countries.


5. It stars the trending JoshNella loveteam

If you’re one of the people who aren’t charmed by Joshua Garcia and why he seems to be captivating Filipina hearts, even Fil-Am influencer Bella Poarch, then let Darna give you a change of heart! You’ll also love the love triangle between Regina, Brian, and Narda!

Everybody loves the chemistry between Janella and Joshua, given their successful team-up in The Killer Bride, and seeing them both in Darna makes the Joshnella diehard fans happy! However, if you ever find yourself rooting for Narda and Brian’s character, blame it on their effective onscreen chemistry too! You’ll definitely be hooked on this romantic- drama.


6. The cinematography is amazing

You’ll appreciate the huge improvement and efforts the production has been making for Darna, from the fantastic shots to the editing of the poster and special effects. If you’re a movie buff or a media student, watching Darna will make you see the talents of our fellow Filipinos, given the right resources and time. The production of Darna has been compared to GMA’s remake of Encantadia for its great CGI or special effects editing. You’ll be proud of the work Darna production has done.


7. It will remind you of Filipino values


One of the famous quotes of Darna is “Ang pinakamalaking kasalanan ay kapag may kakayahan kang tumulong pero wala ka namang ginawa.” What’s heartwarming about the teleserye is its focus on Filipino values like Bayanihan, using po and opo, being hospitable, and patriotic. There are plenty of Filipino values you’ll be seeing on the show, and it also addresses the changing times in the culture and mindset of Filipinos!



8. You’ll miss seeing the Philippines


Watching Darna while you’re working abroad will feel like a double-edged sword since it will make you feel somehow homesick, but you’ll feel nostalgic at the same time seeing the ordinary everyday simple life in the provinces or the hectic city life in Manila.

You’ll see Filipino foods, culture, and everything that will make you say I’m proud to be a Pinoy, and I want to go home soon! But Filipinos are fans of watching local teleseryes, and noontime variety shows even if they’re far since distance makes the heart grow fonder, and watching shows like Darna helps them have a work-life balance.




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