Thailand Looks to Hire 200 English Teachers from the Philippines

The Philippines has always been regarded to have good (if not the best) English-speaking nationals within the region. This is because the English language has always been a staple in the education system of the country for many decades already.

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This has also been one of the key factors why foreign businesses have grown a niche in the call centre industry in our predominantly English-speaking society. And while we are rarely acknowledged for it, other countries know that we have what it takes to carry out instruction using English as a medium in academic settings, even outside of our own country.

Thailand Looks to Hire 200 English Teachers from the Philippines

Around 200 English Teachers from the Philippines Needed in Thailand

In this regard, the government is looking to send up to 200 English instructors to Thailand to teach Englsh as a Second Language (ESL), as shared in a report by GMA News.

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the teachers will be hired through a government-to-government deal, to ensure that there will be no need to seek for assistance from recruitment agencies and curtail the necessity of placement fees in the process.

Successful applicants can expect a monthly salary of up to PHP 30,000.

Public school teachers, on the other hand, were not allowed to apply so as not to affect the supply of teachers in the Philippines.

And while there are only around 200 openings for this job order, the government wants to make sure that there is enough to go around in public school classrooms which typically hold around 50-70 students at a time.

Thailand is looking to strengthen its education system by boosting the quality of English instruction in schools by bringing in qualified language instructors under the “English for All” programme, which will mainly cater to primary and secondary students in public schools.

At present, there are already around 13,000-14,000 Filipino teachers in Thailand.

Regarding this development, the labour department urged interested applicants to go through the POEA website for details and to avoid becoming victims to unscrupulous individuals.

With many countries already opening their doors to Filipino workers, it’s important that we understand the risks these opportunities may come along with, and for us to plan our decisions very carefully so as not to get into any unwarranted situations that could endanger us and land us on the shorter end of shady transactions.

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