20 Fun Facts and Trivia about Bahrain

bahrain trivia and facts

Bahrain is one of the small countries in the Middle Eastern region of Asia. It may be considered small in size due to its territorial limits but it does boast of something else when you … Read more

How to Renew Philippine Passport in Doha, Qatar

renew passport qatar

The Philippines is now enforcing the use of electronic passports (ePassports) among its citizens and is therefore promoting the application of such documents. It takes about 30-45 days to process the ePassport and applicants are … Read more

This is How OFWs can Make Smart Investments

This is How OFWs can Make Smart Investments

With the current economic situation in the country where inflation is expected to persist up until next year according to the World Bank, it’s important that we consider exploring our options on how to increase … Read more

How to Import Cars to the Philippines

how to import car to philippines

One of the status symbols that Filipinos abroad get to invest in are cars. Cars are ultimate symbols that you have made it. For some, the flashier the car, the better. However, as we know, … Read more