VIDEO: Nurses Fired for Making Fun & Squashing Newborn Baby’s Head


As a parent, how would you feel if your is baby is being made fun of? Below is a shocking video of a group of nurses in Saudi Arabia filming themselves laughing while squashing the baby’s face. The nurses were said to be fired from their jobs after authorities investigated the video.

This also serves as a warning for us expat nurses and generally to everyone to please make sure we take our jobs professionally.

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In a report published on Arab News, three medical professionals located in a hospital in Taif, just got themselves fired and even had their licenses revoked due to the unethical behavior they demonstrated towards a new born baby. A video of these acts was created and shared to the public through social media depicting these nurses having tasteless fun towards the newborn by squeezing and an pulling its head. This naturally caused a severe outrage not only in the medical community but also the general public.

Nurses lost their professional license for playing with baby’s head

Saudi Arabia: Nurses Forced to Leave their Jobs and Surrender Their License to Practice for Making Fun of Newborn Baby

In response to the scandal that was just created, the Ministry of Health immediately took action and conducted an investigation on these three nurses. After a couple of hours, it was decided that these medical professionals have to be fired from the hospital and that they should be banned from practicing their profession even in other healthcare facilities.

Job Openings in Saudi Arabia

In the same report, a doctor named Mohammed Al-Ghamdi who advocates proper ethical standards at a hospital in Jeddah, was very insightful on his take on these events. He believes that how the online community reacted towards this incident is quite natural since babies are incapable of defending or speaking for themselves. So others, especially the parents, will naturally be compelled to act on these babies’ behalf.

The doctor also discusses that medical professionals are considered to be at the apex among other professions; one of the noblest professions in the world and are highly sought upon by everyone.

He added: “In retrospect, people who work in the medical sector, whether it be doctors or nurses, are under heavy scrutiny from the public. People expect them to respect their careers and responsibilities. To the people, doctors and nurses are the epitome of goodness, so they aren’t allowed any slights or shortcomings; their mistakes will always be exaggerated.”

This incident truly serves as a hard lesson to everyone; not only in the medical field. One should always be act accordingly based on the ethical regulations of the professions they belong to.

Here is the video clip uploaded:

Video: Airline Baggage Handler Caught Stealing from Passenger Luggage 

Those who are planning to go home for the holidays or for a vacation, this is a friendly reminder to make sure you don’t leave your valuable belongings (cash, jewelry, etc.) in your check-in luggage.

A video had gone viral on social media showing an airline baggage handler allegedly tampering a passenger’s baggage. Caught in the act, the airline baggage handler was seen searching through passenger’s belongings for valuables.

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airline baggage employe steal
Screenshot from YouTube | CGTN

Watch: Baggage Employee Caught in the Act Tampering a Passenger’s Luggage

The footage was taken last October at an airport in Thailand for a plane bound from Phuket to Singapore. The employee in the video was hired by an agency to carry out the task by transferring luggage. A security officer secretly filmed this baggage handler while he searched for items inside the bag.

The viral video was also posted in a Facebook Page which earned a lot of negative reactions from netizens. Due to some similar facial features, many Filipinos even believed that the handler is a Filipino. But regardless of the nationality, we should all be reminded to keepsafe our belongings when we travel.

This video was shared so that the public will be aware of what happens when a passenger will check-in their baggage. It’s a precautionary measure to think that even an airline staff can do this kind of act.

The video was uploaded in YouTube 5 days after the incident. According to the video’s description: the police has already arrested the criminal who had admittedly taken a bluetooth speaker which was returned back to the owner.

There have been many other reports in the past that valuables from passengers were lost without any good explanation of what happened. We’ve even shared some experience in our own Philippine airports.

This video can at least show the public and make them realize that you can be a victim given the circumstance. So the best course of action is to be extra careful and to keep your belongings carried in a smaller bag that you can carry.

Video: Pinoy in Macau Rescues 2 Chinese from Drowning

filipino saves chinese macau

Macau – A video of a Pinoy OFW has circulated online showing him rescuing a Chinese couple from drowning. This was during the wake of a typhoon that has destructed various parts of the country.

In August 23, 2017, Wednesday, Hong Kong and Macau experienced the arrival of major typhoon “Hato”. The storm sent high waves crashing into the shoreline. The flood reached knee-deep in some areas. The speed of the typhoon was around 207 kilometers/hour and flights from various airlines were cancelled.

Aside from this, there were flying debris, falling trees, collapsing scaffolding, etc. Shops and homeowners closed their windows to protect themselves from shattering of glasses. Even the popular Victoria Park was covered of strewn branches, cars covered in flood and so people all over were panicking and rushing to the rooftops. Yes the sight of the typhoon was devastating

filipino saves chinese macau

screengrab from GMA News FB Page

OFW Pinoy Saves Chinese from Drowning During Typhoon Hato

Amidst the disaster, here’s a video of a Filipino who saved a couple which shows his bravery and heroism. His name is Lloreto Mijared Jr., and OFW who hails from the province of Northern Samar. He is married and has a son. He and his wife both work as a housekeeping staff from the Parisian Macao hotel.

An elderly couple were returning from the market in Macau when the water was rising fast to a dangerous level. The couple struggled in the rapid when Lloreto saw them struggling.

The Chinese couple were were screaming and struggling from the flood. But quick to his senses, Lloreto rushed down from the building and risked himself to save the couple. He managed to improvise a lifeline rope and throw it towards the couple to grab. He was standing at the top of the a car van submerged in the flood.

Video: Filipino Saves 2 Chinese in Macau During Typhoon

Below is the said video of the Filipino showing his bravery in saving 2 Chinese during the typhoon.

Video source:

Heorism is one of the instincts of every good man. It usually occurs naturally especially during life and death situations such as this.

Thousands have already read the Hero story of Lloreto Mijares JR. a good example of heroism. We are proud of what you’ve done. Despite many controversies we may have with our Chinese counterparts as shared on media, this is a good news that is definitely worth passing on to others.

Alarming Videos of Typhoon Hato in Hong Kong – Hurricane Signal Number 10

typhoon hato videos hong kong

Hong Kong and Macau experiences a major typhoon with a signal number 10. Flights have been cancelled, schools and offices have been closed, and most of the public transportation has been suspended.

Typhoon Hato has ripped HK on Wednesday morning with speed as much as 60km as it heads westward into mainland China. Here are some alarming videos to show how tragic this is.

typhoon hato videos hong kong

photos of Typhoon Hato in HongKong
Screengrab from Ghias Ahmad Alvi FB page

Typhoon Signal Number 10 – Hato – in HK

We are advising everyone to please stay indoors until further advise, as the typhoon is very powerful and has left at least 10 people dead (as per reports).

These terrifying videos were uploaded by Facebook user Ghias Ahmad Alvi and we are sharing this to help inform our fellowmen to make sure to keep safe during these times.

Videos depict how disturbing this typhoon is so please be careful and please keep safe everyone!