Filipina and Sri Lankan Housemaids in Kuwait Die of Suffocation from Burning Coal

Please be careful everyone and avoid burning coal in an indoor setting. Two foreign domestic helpers were found lifeless inside their sponsor’s house in Sabal Al Nasser area in Kuwait.

As per reports from Kuwaiti authorities, the bodies identified were of a Sri Lankan and a Filipina maid. The cause of death was due to suffocation when coal was burned inside a closed room.

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burning coal housemaids suffocate kuwait

Two Foreign Domestic Helpers in Kuwait Found Dead Inside Room Due to Suffocation

The sponsors became concerned when they noticed that the maids were not responding to their calls so they forced they way into the maids’ room and found the both of them unconscious and unresponsive in their bed, Al Rai Daily news reported.

As per the preliminary investigation coming from the evidence gathered by the forensics, they have indicated suffocation as the cause of death which is from the coal burned inside the closed room of the victims.

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Burning coal has a devastating effect on the environment and on the human body. Some of the health concerns brought by coal-burning are asthma, difficulty breathing, heart problems, brain damage, cancer, neurological disorders, and even premature death.

Usually, people burn coal in order to produce heat. Especially during cold weather, this is helpful in keeping people warm. However, please be very careful and do not make the mistake of burning coal in a closed setting. Air needs to circulate and the smoke from the coal should be able to escape. Please share this to others so they may be warned. RIP to the two domestic helpers.


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