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E-GMP International Corporation is a premiere manpower agency based in the Philippines. They claim to be the world’s gateway to Philippine recruitment since its existence started in 2003. Having launched with the goal of making their clients’ business their success and existing merely to serve, E-GMP has and will always put quality and ethical standards at the forefront of their service offers.

Now, the world is changing. But for E-GMP, these changes are but new challenges that they need to overcome efficiently through innovation so they may continue to exist to serve the Filipino professionals and help them successfully find quality jobs with overseas employers.

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The desire to continuously offer a competitive advantage to their stakeholders is everything that E-GMP exists for, making them truly deserving of the multiple awards that they have received so far. Their unparalleled service and growth in the recruitment industry remain so as they keep working on improving their quality system and professional excellence with the use of innovative technologies while carrying out their corporate social responsibility and corporate mandate.

Having said that, this article is to set you on the right path towards a prosperous overseas career via the placement of E-GMP International Corporation. It covers all the essential information: finding the right job, getting in the right mindset, preparing for the application, and applying for your desired position. So, read on and get yourself prepared to land a rewarding overseas job with one of the world’s best manpower agencies around.

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What is E-GMP International Corporation?

E-GMP International Corporation is a world-renowned Philippine-licensed manpower recruitment agency, originally established in 2003 as an affiliate of Rowald International Manpower Services, Inc. Back in the early 2000s, when Filipino labor migration was just gaining traction, E-GMP made it a point to start building a highly-motivated, highly experienced recruitment team to supply Filipino Human Resources for employment overseas.

They developed the E-GMP Way – a work system using the principles of ISO, and TQM (Total Quality Management), and paired it with a dynamic team whose goal is to always deliver impeccable service, encouraging 100% repeat business.

Awards and Recognitions

As an agency, E-GMP is proud not only of its core values and E-GMP Way of doing things. They are also proud recipients of multiple excellence awards, even though they are relatively young with less than 20 years of existence in the industry. Thanks to their excellent service in the international recruitment industry, E-GMP is now a proud recipient of the following awards:

  • Philippine Top Choice Award for Excellence 2018 – Received in May 2018 for bagging the Philippine Top Choice Awards Council, Phil. Communication Event Management Inc. and Smart Business Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Choice International Manpower Recruitment Agency (Davao) award for excellent product/service reliability, excellence, trustworthiness, ethical business practices, and customer concern and intimacy.
  • Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence (GGAABE) – Received in May 2018 from the Philippine Best Companies Communication Inc., Sinag News Magazine, Sining at Gabay ng Buhay (SINAG) Foundation Inc., National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services (NADREMS) Inc.. The GGAABE is a recognition for companies for exhibiting innovative business practices, delivering quality products and services, epitomizing customer concern and engagement, exemplifying a reputable and ethical business image, displaying excellent value proposition and pricing and serving truthfulness in business management.

Why E-GMP?

E-GMP also strives to always uphold the E-GMP PROMISE – the core principles by which E-GMP International Corporation have always operated, even when they were starting out. The E-GMP Promise reiterates the benefits that all their stakeholders stand to gain which includes:

  • Fast Deployment
    Streamlined talent recruitment, expedited documents processing, and fast talent deployment.
  • No Hidden Charges
    Fostering a culture of transparency, with a clear perspective of each and every transaction.
  • Quick Response Times
    Taking quality in every sense of the word, including addressing all client questions & concerns in a timely, professional manner.
  • Ethical Business Practices
    Strict compliance to labor laws and best practices to drive better value to all stakeholders.
  • Trusted Name
    Leveraging cross-industry expertise, unprecedented experience, and progressive best practices for lasting partnerships that deliver tangible outcomes for all our clients.
  • Workers’ Welfare Protection
    Leveraging cross-industry expertise, unprecedented experience, and progressive best practices for safe and rewarding work abroad experience.

To this day, E-GMP continues to uphold the values they hold dear – from their good vision and management to their standard work practices, service, honesty, loyalty, and good relationships – in every way they can, even as they look forward to engaging more clients and talents and spreading their commitment to provide tailored solutions to all their stakeholders.

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List of Job Vacancies at E-GMP International Corporation

Recruitment agencies are great platforms for finding legitimate jobs that pay well, especially abroad. E-GMP International Corporation is not an exemption. With listings in various job categories, E-GMP offers overseas placements in the following industries:

  • Hotel, Food Catering and Merchandising
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Manufacturing and Trading

Job posts range from positions like barista, waiter, drivers, and general laborers, to nurses, chefs, receptionists and managers. So, regardless of your field of interest and experience, there is something waiting for you at E-GMP International Corporation.

How to Apply for a Job via E-GMP International Corporation

If you are looking to get hired for an overseas job, then the best course is to pick a good international recruitment agency to vet the companies and do less of the dirty work.

Application Procedures

If you prefer to take this journey via E-GMP International Corporation, then here’s how to go about it:

  • Visit the E-GMP International Corporation website at http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/.

There are two ways to go about this via the E-GMP International Corporation website.

By creating an E-GMP International Corporation account

  • Click Apply Now or visit http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/sign-in.
  • Click Create an Account or visit http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/register.
  • Fill out the online application form with the following details:
    • Name (First, Middle, Last)
    • Position Applied for
    • Birthday
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Address
    • Password
  • Tick the Captcha box.
  • Click Submit.

Via the Jobseekers page

  • Click Jobseekers to visit the Jobseekers’ Tab or simply visit http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/jobs.
  • Scroll through the list of available job posts to the desired job position/company. You may also use the search box to filter the jobs according to location or category.
  • Click the Apply Now button.
  • A dialog box will appear showing the job details and an online application form.
  • Fill out the online application form with the following details:
    • Name (First and Last)
    • Email Address
    • Position
  • Upload your resume by clicking Choose File, selecting the actual file, and clicking Open.
  • Tick the Captcha checkbox.
  • Click Submit.

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  • Resume with detailed job description
  • Employment Certificates
  • Certificate of Trainings and Seminars Attended
  • Valid copy of Passport and NBI Clearance
  • Three (3) pcs. of most recent 2×2 photo

For further information, you may contact E-GMP at telephone number 5231893; 5237138; 09209677318 or submit your application via email. Walk-in applicants can also visit the agency to submit their CV for immediate screening at any of the E-GMP International Corporation offices.

Video: E-GMP International Corporation Welcome Message from the CEO

Do you need more convincing? Or perhaps some encouragement? In that case, it is in your best interest to hear out what E-GMP President and CEO Alexander Tan has to say. Watch it here:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For applicants and clients who need more information on what E-GMP International Corporation offers, here are some of the common questions and answers that will help you understand them even more:

1. What services does E-GMP International Corporation offer?

E-GMP International Corporation offers a holistic recruitment-to-deployment process to provide tailored solutions for their corporate clients. At the same time, this system offers greater productivity for the agency while providing flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to current and emerging business challenges. For the talents, this translates to more opportunities to get hired for a rewarding career opportunity abroad.

Some of the services that E-GMP offers to engage with clients and candidates include:

  • Manpower Sourcing
    More than finding the right local talent in different industries, E-GMP aims to hire local talents through their extensive sourcing process or via their partners in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam.
  • Medical Examination
    E-GMP takes it upon themselves to sponsor a series of required physical and medical examinations to guarantee the overall fitness and eligibility of their talents for deployment
  • Recruitment Feasibility
    Finding the right talent and matching them with a suitable position at a partner corporation helps theirs and their clients’ businesses up & running. As part of the process, they hire local talents through their extensive sourcing process or via their partners in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam.
  • Travel Documentation
    Part of E-GMP’s service include facilitating a smooth transition to a foreign land by providing comprehensive assistance in terms of travel papers documentation and processing.
  • Pre-screening & Evaluation
    E-GMP also conducts a first-phase analysis and evaluation of talents to ensure their skills, talents, capabilities, and experience are a perfect fit to their partner company’s operational needs and organizational culture.
  • Pre-departure Orientation
    E-GMP also ensures that they provide colleagues with insights and knowledge on employment terms and conditions to help manage expectations throughout their employment tenure.
  • Training & Development
    E-GMP continuously strives to develop not only theirs but also their people’s skills and competencies to ensure they keep pace with industry changes and thrive just like their clients’ business do.
  • Booking & Airport Assistance
    By offering assistance in flight bookings and other travel arrangements up until the time of departure, E-GMP ensures that they create better experiences for employees and colleagues alike.
  • Job Order Accreditation
    E-GMP ensures that all the paperwork is processed effectively to ensure compliance to each talent-exporting country’s labor laws, codes, & policies.
  • Post-deployment Services
    At the forefront of E-GMP’s continuous growth, they pride themselves for the growth of each of their partners and employees, by looking after their welfare and providing counseling and assistance wherever necessary.
  • Interview Hosting
    E-GMP also makes it a point to organize amenable accommodations to visiting client delegates including board & lodging as well as free local transport.

2. How does E-GMP International Corporation fulfill client requests for talents in various positions overseas?

E-GMP vets all talents and interested candidates according to client requirements and needs after receiving a job order request. The process involves sourcing, screening, training, screening and evaluation. Once an applicant makes it beyond the initial evaluation phase, they go through another round of evaluation from the client, before moving forward to the documentary evaluation and accreditation, then eventual deployment.

3. What are the hottest opportunities available at E-GMP International Corporation?

As far as the hottest jobs are concerned, E-GMP promises the best deals for nurses in the Healthcare industry as well as those who are working in the Hotel, Food and Merchandising industries. The latest job openings can be found either on the E-GMP website or on their Facebook page (@egmpinternationalheadoffice).

4. How will I know if I was included in the list of shortlisted candidates?

If you make it to the list of shortlisted candidates, a staff from E-GMP will reach out to you for further instructions about how you should proceed with the application process. If you don’t hear back from them, it’s best to wait for at least two weeks to follow up, as it will give the evaluators enough time to review yours and all the other candidates’ applications before deciding on the shortlist. In any case, the Contact Us form is available on the E-GMP website, along with their contact information which can be found on both their website and social media pages. Just to make your life a little bit easier, you may also find them here:

E-GMP International Corporation – Head Office
Address: #803 Gen. Malvar Street cor P. Hidalgo Street Malate, Manila Philippines 1004
Mobile Number: 0968 640 9438
Telephone Numbers: +632.8523.1893 , +632.8523.7138
Fax Number: +632-8536-9813
Email Address: inquire@egmpjobs.com
Facebook Page: @egmpinternationalheadoffice

You are, however, encouraged to keep the communication online via email by sending it through the Contact Us Form found here: http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/contact-us.

5. Can I send in more than one application via E-GMP?

Yes. Nothing states in the website that it is not allowed to send in multiple applications. However, it is in your best interest to choose the job post that you are applying for and make sure that you apply for the position that you are most qualified for. Having said that, it is always best to have not only the interest but also the knowledge and experience in the job that you are applying for to ensure that you have the best chance to get hired for it over your competitors.

6. Are there other requirements aside from the ones listed as documentary requirements during the application?

Yes. Depending upon the job, industry, and the deployment country, applicants may be required to submit more than the basic requirements. However, do note that these requirements may be different depending on the job position you are applying for. Some countries may also have a specific set of requirements for deployed OFWs.

7. If I still have some questions or concerns about the E-GMP International Corporation, how can I reach out to the right personnel?

You may either go through the website’s Contact Us Form (http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/contact-us) or you may reach out to E-GMP via their social media pages or other communication lines. For more information on the available communication lines, you may check out the following details:

E-GMP International Corporation – Head Office
Address: #803 Gen. Malvar Street cor P. Hidalgo Street Malate, Manila Philippines 1004
Mobile Number: 0968 640 9438
Telephone Numbers: +632.8523.1893 , +632.8523.7138
Fax Number: +632-8536-9813
Email Address: inquire@egmpjobs.com
Facebook Page: @egmpinternationalheadoffice

8. How can I stay updated on job openings at E-GMP International Corporation?

For the latest job openings, applicants are advised to regularly visit both the Jobseekers page on the E-GMP International Corporation website (http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/jobs) as well as the E-GMP – Head Office Facebook page (@egmpinternationalheadoffice).


Despite being less than 20 years old and being relatively new in the industry compared to its other competitors, E-GMP International Corporation is a reputable international recruitment and placement agency for Filipino professionals. It made its mark in the field and has been building up on its reputation as one of the top providers of Filipino talents to various companies in different countries. Nevertheless, it remains as ambitious as it had always been, which means that up to this day, E-GMP continues to innovate and improve, to be able to adapt to the changing world and still emerge on the top as the go-to choice for global recruitment agencies.

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Contact Information

For further information on E-GMP International Corporation as well as its latest job openings, training, and services, E-GMP can be reached through the following addresses:

E-GMP International Corporation – Head Office
Address: #803 Gen. Malvar Street cor P. Hidalgo Street Malate, Manila Philippines 1004
Mobile Number: 0968 640 9438, 09209677318
Telephone Numbers: +632.8523.1893 , +632.8523.7138
Fax Number: +632-8536-9813
Email Address: inquire@egmpjobs.com
Facebook Page: @egmpinternationalheadoffice

E-GMP International Corporation – Cebu Office
Address: Rm. 301 3/F LDM Bldg. Cor. Legaspi St. and MJ Cuenco St., Cebu City 6000

E-GMP International Corporation – Davao Office
Address: Door No. 2, Nicolas Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao, City

It is, however, encouraged that all concerns or inquiries for E-GMP International Corporation be sent via email through the Contact Us Form available on the E-GMP website. The said form can be accessed by clicking Contact Us or by visiting this link: http://intranet.egmpjobs.com:8080/onlinev2/contact-us.

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