Fiji-based OFW Rescued After Filing Complaint via Abizo OFW Mobile App

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in the Fiji Islands was rescued from employer abuse thanks to a report on the Abizo OFW smartphone app.

Almedo Lopez, the OFW in question was engaged by Pleass Global Limited, a water bottling company in the Fiji Islands. However, he encountered mistreatment from his employer after being deployed for a one-year contract for the role of a quality supervisor.

Fiji-based OFW Rescued After Filing Complaint via OFW Mobile App
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OFW Rescued from Fiji Employer After Filing Complaint on OFW Mobile App

Lopez responded to a survey sent out through the Abizo OFW app, a digital monitoring platform created by the POEA’s (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency) OFW Global Monitoring Pilot Project, under POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia, to report against the employer on July 1, the Philippine Star reported.

The platform is developed to keep track of the status of OFWs worldwide, as well as data on their deployment area, employers, and working and housing conditions.

Lopez used the app to describe his work situation and file several complaints, including verbal abuse, suspension without cause, involuntary acceptance of a 20% salary decrease, and 12-hour work shifts.

On the day when the report was filed, the Abizo OFW response team acknowledged receipt of the report. Shortly after, a meeting for the issuance of Lopez’s “Notice to Repatriate” was held.

The “Notice to Repatriate” was sent to Fortune Life Insurance Company Inc., and Fortune General Policy Corp., via their partner insurance manager AAB Management Service and Insurance Intermediaries Inc., which is where Lopez bought his insurance.

Lopez, who had taken out Compulsory Insurance Coverage for Agency-Hired Migrant Workers (also known as Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance) and was covered by the compulsory insurance’s repatriation benefit under Republic Act No. 10022, was given a return plane ticket by Fortune General via AAB Management Service and Insurance Intermediaries Inc. on July 9, 2021.

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