How to Request for Your OFW Information Sheet from POEA

Whether you need the Certified Copy of your OFW Information for employment, passport or visa application, loan application, or availing of Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) Program and Reduced Travel Tax Exemption, it is necessary to remember that this record is typically released only upon the permission of the OFW under whose name the record appears.

Be advised that this POEA Information Sheet / OFW Record is different from the OWWA OFW information sheet.

Typically, either the OFW himself or an immediate family member (spouse, children, parents, or siblings) request for this document, though in certain cases, like when the OFW needs legal assistance or has a case filed in court, there are additional specific documentary requirements submitted before the record is released.

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What documentary requirements are needed when securing an OFW Information Sheet from POEA?

The documents to get the OFW information sheet vary depending on who is requesting for the

  • Request by OFW
    • Online Appointment Form
    • ID document with picture (Passport,Driver’s License, PRC Card,NBI Clearance, Company ID, etc.)
  • Request by Family / Relatives of the OFW
    • Online Appointment Form
    • Written consent of the OFW for the release of his/her Information/Record
    • Proof or relationship with OFW (Original/Authenticated/Certified True Copy)
      • For spouses: marriage contract
      • For children: birth certificate of the OFW’s child
      • For parents: birth certificate of the OFW
      • For siblings: birth certificates of both the sibling and of the OFW
    • ID document with picture (Passport,Driver’s License, PRC Card,NBI Clearance, Company ID, etc.)
  • Request by Other Parties
    • Letter of request address to the Chief of Central Records Division
    • Others
      • For persons authorized by the OFW: Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
      • For government/Private Agencies: Proof of Authority of representative to receive the record
      • For parties with case filed in court: Court Order to the POEA
    • ID document with picture (Passport,Driver’s License, PRC Card,NBI Clearance, Company ID, etc.)
    • Proof of any circumstances under Section 13 of the Privacy Data Act of 2012

How to request a Certified Copy of the OFW Information Record?

Step 1: At the Central Records Division (CRD), the Guard on Duty provides a service number and a Verification Request Form which you need to acquire and fill out.

In lieu of the queue at the CRD, POEA now offers an online appointment system where the requesting party can pre-set a schedule and skip the lines.

Step 2: Once your service number is called, submit the form and the requirements to the Records Officer and wait. If the requirements are complete upon verification, the requested records will be printed and released at the Releasing Window.

In the event that there is a missing requirement, a verification status receipt will be given detailing the missing requirements.

Step 3: At the Releasing Window, a duly certified print-out of OFW Information Sheet or Certificate of No Record will be released unless it requires manual retrieval, upon which, you will receive a Verification Status Form indicating the date for pickup.

If reading this is not enough, you may want to check this video and see how it’s done:

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