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Globalization has changed the way people lived and countries have developed for many years. While it’s a good thing for building networks and trading, it also resulted in higher demands for manpower in some places and increased labor movements in some other countries like the Philippines. Thanks to these changes, companies like the MIP International Manpower Services Inc. (MIP) have prospered in their fields, allowing migrant workers greater options in finding opportunities for better income and brighter future, along with the rest of the global workforce.

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As a key player in the global recruitment industry in the Philippines, MIP has been providing excellent service to the entire Filipino nation by sending out more talents to its partner companies in bigger batches every year. They have since expanded their operations from the time they started, to the point that they have started seizing partnerships in more countries so they can offer more to their pool of Filipino talents back home.

Their growth has been immense, and they have managed to acquire more accreditations and standardized certifications from certification bodies in other countries, proving that they have been offering world-class services to their clients and candidates. Their 21 years in the market also saw their internal growth, which includes having developed their own system of managing people who are seeking for an overseas career and having their own well-equipped building and business networks.

In this article, we looked into the excellent service that MIP has been so proud of for the past two decades. We inspected what the company currently offers to the Filipino nation as it continues to grow along with the type of opportunities they present, both to their talents and clients worldwide. Having already deployed 12,000 Filipino workers to their overseas clients, we checked on what else is at MIP that makes them worth entrusting your future with, as opposed to the other recruitment firms in the country who are also offering the same recruitment and placement service to the Filipinos.

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What is MIP International Manpower Services Inc.?

It was in September of 1994, when a group of people decided to start a company that will end up doing wonders in sending talented Filipino workers out to the world via their recruitment firm, MIP International manpower Services Inc. By the end of the year, they managed to join the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP), a well-known association of licensed recruitment agencies in the country.

In 1995, just one year later, MIP secured accreditation from Taiwan’s Council of Labor Affairs to provide manpower to Taiwan-based foreign employers, setting them off on their way to unimpeded success. Five years later, in April 2000, they built their very own operational building as their headquarters.

Then they went on and acquired a world-class ISO 9002 certification from TUV Management Services GmbH, a private certification body from Munich Germany in 2001, setting them off on their journey to becoming one of the topmost multi-awarded recruitment firms in the Philippines.

Ever since its inception, MIP has stayed true to form – constantly forging partnerships with leading companies and deploying well-trained Filipino talents to address the manpower shortage and “contribute to the rapid human and economic development and strengthening the Philippine economy.”

For 21 years, they have devoted immense resources to ensure that their talents meet the principals’ specifications to the dot and that they receive fair yet competitive compensation for the trouble. They have made “friends” with the government, to the point of forging partnerships while engaging an experienced and highly efficient staff to help in preserving the integrity and quality of their recruitment services to all stakeholders.

To date, MIP continues to grow, increasing their annual deployment figures to unbelievable levels while seizing more, both for their talents, clients, and internal business development. They have just renewed their license to operate, according to the DMW website, extending its validity to August of 2026.

Having said that, this translates to MIP simply extending their allowable period for legal quality service, continuously propelled by steady innovation and upgrade. They also maintain a 24/7 hotline for addressing concerns and monitoring the welfare and performance of each talent, along with the regular training sessions which all contribute to the track record of success that MIP enjoys. As they hope for more people to join them, whether as a client or as a talent, MIP continues to guarantee excellence in their endeavors as a competitive recruitment firm.

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List of Job Vacancies in MIP International Manpower Services Inc.

As a firm offering manpower and recruitment service, MIP’s main purpose is to build their talent pool and business networks while finding a good corporate match for their talents. According to the list of approved Job Orders posted on the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) website, MIP is currently in the market for talents who wish to work in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Their manpower needs extend to multiple industries, including:

  • Administration and Management
  • Healthcare and Health Service
  • Technical and Skilled Work
  • Household Service

Specifically, they have hundreds of vacancies waiting to be filled by people willing to workin the following occupational capacities:

  • Nurse
  • Nursing aides
  • Assistants
  • Caretakers
  • Technicians
  • Vaccinators
  • Factory workers
  • Household workers or domestic helpers
  • Mechanical designers
  • Rehabilitation aides
  • Nursing staff
  • Therapist aides
  • Assistant Healthcare
  • Registered Nurses
  • Recruitment Staff
  • Documentation Staff

Once you find the job that you want and right before proceeding with the actual application process, you may check this guide on choosing the right manpower agency by reading this article entitled, Manpower Agency: 10 Things OFWs Should Consider.

How to Apply for a Job via MIP International Manpower Services Inc.

Applying for an overseas job via MIP is a simple and easy process. There’s no need to get over-anxious about it. Instead, you simply need to prepare your documentary requirements and follow the steps listed below:

Documents needed for Job Applicants

  • Resume with detailed job description
  • Employment Certificates
  • Certificate of Training and Seminars Attended
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • 3pcs. 2×2 Photo taken within the last six months
  • DMW E-registration
  • Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • Voter’s ID

For information about DMW Registration, you may check our previous article on How to Register in POEA? A Complete Guide for Land-based Applicants.

You may also read about How to Register Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) Certificate Online or How to Get your UMID ID Card fromsome ofour previously published guides online.

Application Procedures

Because there are various ways to send in your application, we listed the step-by-step procedure for each one separately.

Via Email or Social Media page

If you are a nurse looking to work in Singapore and you wish to apply online via email, then you can send your resume in MSWord or PDF format via email to applycvs.singapore@gmail.com.

If you are a nurse looking to find a job in Singapore, you may also send in your application by filling out the Google form accessible via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZ5_ZOtVZ6TtwtnMKCarT3DL8Bykllolj9VEJ8a6QqtwleEw/viewform.

Via the MIP International Manpower Services Inc. website

To send your application online via the MIP website, just visit the MIP website at https://www.mipinternational.com/, then hit the Apply Now button on the top right corner of the webpage. This will direct you to an online application form (https://www.mipinternational.com/general-application) which you need to fill out completely with the following information:

  • Photo
  • CV/Resume
  • Desired Position
  • Preferred Country to work in
  • Name (First, Middle, and Last name)
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • Provincial Address
  • Present Address
  • Cell Phone No.
  • Facebook Account
  • Email Address
  • Height (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Passport
  • Education background
    • Educational Level
    • School / University
    • Course
    • Date Started/Graduated
  • Work History
    • Company Name / Employer Name
    • Position
    • Department Name
    • Company Address
    • Salary (Currency and Rate)
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Job Description

Once completed, hit the Apply button at the bottom of the page.

Via WorkAbroad

  • Visit the MIP agency profile on WorkAbroad.ph at https://mipintl.workabroad.ph/profile/agency/2080/mipintl.
  • Scroll down and select your desired job post.
  • Click Apply Now.
  • Log in (if you have an existing WorkAbroad account). Otherwise click Signup and create an account to proceed.

Via Jobstreet

  • Visit the MIP corporate page on Jobstreet at https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/companies/693759-mip-international-manpower-services.
  • Click the Jobs tab and scroll for your desired job post.
  • Once you find the job you want, click on the Job title and you will be directed to the job page which details the requirements and qualifications for the position.
  • If you think you have what it takes to get hired for the position, hit the Apply Now button.
  • Log in and Apply (if you have an existing Jobstreet account). Otherwise, Signup and Apply to create an account and proceed with the application.


If you wish to go for a walk-in application, then prepare the basic documentary requirements and head on out to the MIP office on the 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor of the MIP Building, with registered postal address at #28 GSIS Avenue, GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila, anytime from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

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Video: MIP International Manpower Services, Inc.

Hear more about MIP and their recruitment process from the horses’ mouth, so to speak. Watch this video of MIP-deployed applicants bound for Singapore and learn more about them and their service process:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What services does MIP International Manpower Services Inc. offer?

Like any recruitment firms, MIP’s main service is in recruitment and placement of Filipino workers in different companies overseas. They also offer other services that aid in their recruitment operations like:

  • Sourcing / Manpower Pooling
  • Screening of Applicants
  • Interviews
  • Employer evaluation/interviews
  • Medical examination assistance
  • Government and private sector-sponsored job fairs and provincial recruitment activities
  • Training and trade testing
  • Document processing and authentication
  • Deployment
  • Foreign employer accreditation

MIP forges tie-ups with government-recognized organizations and government accredited medical clinics and training/trade centers, that helps them offer all these services to their clients and applicants. Not only that, they equipped themselves to be able to join in government and private sector-sponsored job fairs as well as provincial recruitment activities and keep their foreign principals happy and reassured with a large database of talents and a transparent recruitment and selection process. They also make it a point to verify their contracts to ensure that it meets the minimum terms and conditions of employment and prevent unwarranted claims of contract violations by our foreign principals.

2. How do I stay updated on the latest news, jobs, interviews, and deployment updates at MIP International Manpower Services Inc.?

There are several ways to go about ensuring that you stay updated on the latest job openings posted by MIP. You may regularly visit their website, follow their social media pages, check their WorkAbroad or Jobstreet accounts, or simply visit the DMW website for the list of approved job orders for the agency.

To do these, here’s what you need to do:

  • Via the MIP website: Go to the MIP website (https://www.mipinternational.com/) and click on the Applicants tab (https://www.mipinternational.com/job-list).
  • Via the MIP Facebook page: Visit the only official MIP Facebook account (https://web.facebook.com/MIPofficialagency/) and hit the like button. Then you can scroll down and check the posts for available jobs.
  • Via WorkAbroad: Visit the MIP agency profile page on WorkAbroad (https://mipintl.workabroad.ph/profile/agency/2080/mipintl) and scroll down to find the latest jobs.
  • Via Jobstreet: Visit the MIP corporate page on Jobstreet (https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/companies/693759-mip-international-manpower-services) and click to open the Jobs tab to check for the latest job posts.

3. If I get hired, would MIP International Manpower Services Inc. help me with document processing?

Yes. Through the years, MIP has forged partnerships with various government-recognized organizations and government accredited medical clinics and training/trade centers so helping applicants with document processing should be of little trouble to them. Plus these kinds of services come with the territory and is one of the many reasons why clients and applicants choose to work with agencies like MIP in the first place.

4. Do you entertain walk-in applicants?

Yes. MIP welcomes walk-in applicants at their office anytime between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Mondays through Fridays. If you are the type who likes doing your applications offline via this way, simply prepare the basic documentary requirements which includes your resume with detailed job description, employment certificates, certificate of Training and Seminars Attended, valid Passport, valid NBI Clearance, 2×2 Photo taken within the last six months, DMW E-registration, Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS), Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID), and Voter’s ID before you actually go visit them. Their office is located on the 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor, MIP Building, 28 GSIS Avenue GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila.

5. How do I check if a recruitment agency is legitimate and licensed in the Philippines?

The easiest way to do this is by going through the DMW’s list of licensed recruitment agencies (https://www.dmw.gov.ph/licensed-recruitment-agencies) and running a search. If you wish to check if the position the agency is hiring for is DMW-approved, you can visit the DMW’s list of approved job orders (https://www.dmw.gov.ph/approved-job-orders) instead.

Checking out the agency’s legitimacy via DMW? Learn more from this List of Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Regional Offices and OSSCO offices Philippines.

6. How do I reach MIP International Manpower Services Inc. for inquiries or concerns regarding my application?

There are various ways to reach out to MIP.Other than visiting their office at the 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor, MIP Building, 28 GSIS Avenue GSIS Village,Project 8, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila, you also have the option to send them message either via email, the Contact US form on their website (https://www.mipinternational.com/contact-us) or through their official social media page (https://www.facebook.com/MIPofficialagency/). You also have the option to call them at (02) 8927-6546, (02) 8927-0861, or 09177960957.

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Today’s featured recruitment agency, MIP International Manpower Services, has been in the business of recruiting, hiring, and deploying Filipino skilled workers to work for their corporate partners overseas for 21 years. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in the Philippines, it’s quite popular in the market, having deployed over 12,000 workers and only in selected countries only, too.

Though they have limits as to which country they can deploy their Filipino candidates, MIP has remained one of the fastest growing firms in the country. The fact is, they have recently declared having better numbers for the past five years, a testament that their campaigns and strategies are successfully working in their favor. They have also grown and developed from being a humble recruitment agency to having their own building and facilities for their recruitment activities.

Since MIP’s inception in 1994, they have stayed true to form and continued to align their services with their mission and vision. This consistent excellence in service quality and customer satisfaction have propelled them not only to new and better heights as a firm but also to the top of the list of Philippine-based overseas employment agencies in terms of performance and recruitment processes.

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Contact Information

For more information on MIP International Manpower Services Inc. or for any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to them via the following contact information:

MIP International Manpower Services Inc.

Office Address: 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor, MIP Building, 28 GSIS Avenue GSIS Village,Project 8, Quezon City, 1116 Metro Manila
Tel No/s: (02) – 927-0848 / (02) – 927-6546/ (02) – 927-0861/09177960957
Email Address: mip_intlmanpowerservices@yahoo.com
MIP International Manpower Services Inc. Website: http://www.mipinternational.com
MIP International Manpower Services Inc. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MIPofficialagency/
MIP International Manpower Services Inc. WorkAbroad account page: https://mipintl.workabroad.ph/profile/agency/2080/mipintl
MIP International Manpower Services Inc. Jobstreet corporate page: https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/companies/693759-mip-international-manpower-services

For more information, inquiries, or concerns, you may also reach out to MIP International Manpower Services Inc. by sending a message via their website’s Contact Us form at https://www.mipinternational.com/contact-us or by calling any of the following MIP nNumbers per Department.

MIP Number per Department

Taiwan Department CP #: 0917-7960957 / 0998-5569634
Dh Department CP #: 0917-5233957 / 0998-5624009
SG Department CP #: 0917-6380165 / 0998-5624007

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