How to Pay Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

For those who have home amortization dues to pay in Pag-IBIG, there has been a change as to the payment method for this service. Last July 1, the funding agency announced that all payments for the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Amortization shall be exclusively handled by accredited payment centres or collecting partners.

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With this development, Pag-IBIG offices will no longer process payment transactions from housing loan borrowers. The said change should speed up the processing of payments as collecting centres or “bayad centres” can be found almost anywhere.

How to Pay Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

List of Accredited Payment Partners to Pay your Pag-IBIG Amortization

Here are the local service outlets authorized to process your payments for the Pag-IBIG housing loan:

  1. ECPay at 711 stores and other partner merchants
  2. GCash mobile payment
  3. Bayad Centre and all of its authorized partners
  4. CashPinas Moneygment App (DragonPay, ECPay, and PayPal)
  5. Savemore
  6. SM Business Service Centres
  7. SM HyperMarket
  8. MLhuillier
  9. LandBank
  10. Metrobank

Note: LandBank and Metrobank only accept payments for current and updated accounts. If your payment is past its due date, you will need to pay via other payment centres.

For overseas-based borrowers, you may pay directly to:

  1. Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  2. Asia United Bank (AUB)
  3. iRemit
  4. Ventaja International

Note: Remember to keep the printed acknowledgement receipt or transaction receipt as proof of successful payment.

how to pay pag-IBIG loan

What are the Advantages of Paying thru Pag-IBIG’s Collecting Partners?

  • 24/7 payment transactions available via ECPay and CashPinas Moneygment Apps (payment received by 711 stores)
  • Hassle-free payment of housing loan amortizations. No long queues, no more long waiting time.
  • Very convenient, numerous, and accessible collecting centres
  • Faster and more secure transactions

How Much are the Convenience Fees?

For a minimal fee per transaction, the authorized Pag-IBIG collection centres will directly process your housing amortization payments. Here are the fees applied:

  • ECPay – Php 7.00 / transaction
  • GCash Mobile payment – Php 5.00/ transaction
  • Bayad Centre and all of its authorized partners – Php 7.00 / transaction
  • CashPinas Moneygment App (DragonPay, ECPay, and PayPal) – Php 25.00/ transaction via the app
  • SM (Business Service Centres, HyperMarket, and Savemore) – Php 5.00/transaction
  • MLhuillier – Php 7.00 / transaction
  • LandBank – free of charge
  • Metrobank – free of charge

How to Pay through the Pag-IBIG Partners

For Bayad Centres, SM outlets, or MLhuillier

  1. Fill out the payment form available at the collecting centre.

Important:  Be sure to indicate the correct Housing Account Number (HAN) to avoid any hassle or delay in the process. This can be found in your monthly billing statement or in your previous official receipts. Compare your HAN in your old receipts against your monthly billing statement/s.

  1. Pay your housing loan amortization.
  2. Collect the machine-issued payment slip where you can find the Transaction Reference Number. This shall serve as your official proof of payment.

For payment through Metrobank or LandBank

  1. Provide your latest Housing Loan Billing Statement.
  2. Pay your housing loan amortization dues over the counter.
  3. Collect the verified Billing Statement which has the Transaction Reference Number. This shall serve as your official proof of payment.

For GCash mobile payment (available for Globe/TM subscribers only)

  1. Register to GCash account by dialling *143.
  • Select “GCash” and choose “Register.”
  • Enter all the information requested.
  • Input the “Registration Code.” You will be asked to confirm the details provided and agree to the Terms and Conditions. After the transaction has been processed, you will receive an acknowledgment message via SMS/text containing your reference number, and an instruction to change your MPN for security purposes.
  1. Convert your cash to GCash (Cash-in) [Applicable to Globe and TM subscribers only]
  • You can either do this via online banking (for those with active accounts in the bank) or
  • through BancNet ATM machines:
    • Insert your ATM card in any BancNet ATM.
    • Select the “Fund Transfer” option
    • Input your 11-digit mobile number when asked for the “destination account number.”
  • Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive an SMS/text confirmation.
  1. After you have funded your GCash account, you can now pay for your housing loan amortization through this procedure:
  • Call #143 and select GCash. Provide the required details.
  • After you have keyed in the payment details, a transaction summary will appear showing the program type and the payment amount you are about to settle.
  • Confirm the amount, the type of transaction, and the payment reference number (PRN) to complete the transaction.
  • After confirmation, you will receive an acknowledgement message via SMS/text.

For payment via 7-11 stores (ECPay)

  1. Access the ECPay website and click the “Pay your Pag-IBIG Now” link.
  2. You will be required to register an account with your mobile number and create a security password for your account.
  3. Use your account details to log-in to the website, then select “Housing Loan.”
  4. Enter your Housing Account Number (HAN), then click “Validate.” You will be required to enter your area code, contact number, and the amount to be paid.
  5. Member-borrowers have the option to pay through ECPay merchant partners or more conveniently, at any 7-11 store.
  6. If you select 7-11 stores for your payment, you will be directed to the 7-11 Payment Instruction Page.
  7. Pay at any 7-11 outlet nearest you and keep the printed transaction receipt as proof of payment.

For payment via 7-11 stores (CashPinas Moneygment App)

  1. Open your app store and search for the Moneygment App.
  2. Register or log-in to the app through your account (on Facebook, Gmail, or your personal e-mail).
  3. Select the “Pay your SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG” link.
  4. Enter your account details.
  5. Select “Pag-IBIG,” then choose the “Housing Loan Amortization” payment option.
  6. Input your Pag-IBIG housing loan details (i.e. HAN, etc.)
  7. Confirm payment to proceed.
  8. Choose your payment method.
  9. If via 7-11, you will be directed to the 7-11 Payment Instruction Page.
  10. Read the instructions and pay at any 7-11 outlet nearest you and keep the printed transaction receipt as proof of payment.

Note:  Every time a successful payment transaction has been completed, the member-borrower will receive an acknowledgment receipt of payment via SMS/text message, whereas the printed transaction receipt will be the member’s proof of payment — so this must be kept for reference.

For inquiries and other account-specific concerns, you may call the Pag-IBIG hotline at (02) 724-4222 or you may visit the Pag-IBIG website. (ALSO READ: How to Check your Pag-IBIG Contributions)

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